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Copyright Registration and Related Services


Copyright, the "right to copy", gives creators or authors of "original works" the exclusive right to control the reproduction, display, or distribution of their works. Copyright applies to literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works. Whether the proprietary software of a computer software company, the product catalogue photographs of a retailer, or the website content of a service provider, most businesses today have considerable investments in copyrightable subject matter. With in-depth knowledge of copyright law in Canada, Bosman Law assists individuals and businesses in maintaining and protecting their valuable copyright assets, including:

  • Registration of copyright
  • Copyright due diligence and title opinions
  • Copyright liability opinions
  • Copyright litigation - Anti-piracy and enforcement
  • Defending claims of copyright infringement
  • Preparation of assignments and licences
  • Clearance opinions
  • Management of copyright portfolios

Computer Programs / Software Piracy

Computer software programs are literary works protected by copyright. The unauthorized copying or distribution of copyrighted software, or software piracy, is a global problem with software companies losing billions of dollars in revenue due to the sales of unauthorized copies of their software. Unauthorized copies of software often originate in countries where copyright laws are lax or difficult to enforce. For this reason, software developers often consider pursuing individual consumers of the unauthorized software, which can be costly. Pauline Bosman of Bosman Law has significant experience in anti-piracy and enforcement. She has developed a series of standardized letters and settlement agreements streamlining the demand and settlement process resulting in significant cost efficiencies. She often successfully negotiates settlement agreements whereby the infringer pays for and becomes a licensed user of authentic software.

Referrals Respected

Bosman Law welcomes referrals from and consultations with other lawyers. It is Bosman Law's policy to not take on any work beyond the referred matter for the referred client unless requested to do so by the referring lawyer or law firm. Where advisable, Bosman Law works with the referring lawyer or law firm regarding the commercial/business aspects of a litigation file.